Reading Challenge Update #2

So last time I checked in, I said I thought I could still read 50 books by the end of 2016, and make my goals in reading 10 nonfiction books, 10 books written by women, and 10 books written by authors who are not white.

Well… I’m not gonna make it to 50, and it’s highly unlikely — without specifically choosing books by length and whether or not they’re nonfiction and/or written by an author who isn’t white — I’ll make either of those goals either. I obviously could go that route, but it feels like cheating.

I did make one of my goals: I have (so far) read 11 books by women authors. Frankly, I’m having some trouble viewing this as much of an accomplishment. I often read books by women, and a lot of the titles I own are written by women. So while I’m always glad to reach a goal, I’m not particularly impressed with myself on this one.

As for reading books by authors who are not white, I’m about halfway there. By the time I finish reading Swing Time (Zadie Smith’s latest), I’ll have read five books by nonwhite authors. It’s certainly better than none, but I have to admit I’m pretty disappointed in myself, and will explain why in a more detailed post this week.


I’ve still got 20 days left, and I am sure I can read at least two more books from now until then. As I am ever the procrastinator and ever the optimist of what I can do in too-little time, I’m not ready to call it quits quite yet.



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